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MADUFAFA embraces the following core values;
  • Social Justice and Equity: We promote equity, dignity and a more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalized.
  • Gender and Diversity: Our work will reflect and promote respect for Gender and diversity issues.
  • Accountability: We shall hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of ethical behavior and responsibility for our actions, while maintaining integrity in our performance.
  • Teamwork/collective Action and Solidarity: Justified by our mission, we shall stand with and by others in the communities where we operate.
  • Self Sufficiency: We shall work towards sustainable development outcomes.
  • Unity and Diversity: We celebrate diversity in the community sector but strive to achieve unity amongst people and with other like-minded actors and disciplines.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide Education support to orphans and other Vulnerable Children
  • To provide Vocational/Entrepreneurial skills to school dropouts, teenage mothers and widows.
  • To provide knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS and other STDs
  • Religious education through Bible Studies, Christian movies etc

Making A Difference in Uganda Face to Face - MADUFAFA is located in Kinaawa, Nakawuka Road, Kyengera Town Council (Former Nsangi Sub County), Wakiso District. It was founded in 2015 as a Non Government Organization (NGO) under registration number S.5914/11891 to work hand in hand with the Government, Existing Organizations and other stakeholders to reduce on the high level of poverty, school dropouts, HIV/AIDS rate and many other social-economic challenges affecting communities through different and affordable approaches.

「烏干達轉變生命協會」(Making A Difference in Uganda Face to Face)為 一非政府組織,創辦於2015年(註冊編號:S.5914/11891)與政府、其他 組織和協會利害關係人合作,藉由各樣具體可行的方法,攜手共同改善社區, 包括降低貧窮率、改善輟學問題、減少愛滋病傳染各種影響社區的社會經濟問 題。

協會地點: 協會地點:瓦基索區 給艾格拉鎮(前恩桑吉支縣)基納瓦村 納卡武 卡路    (Kinaawa, Nakawuka Road, Kyengera Town Council (Former Nsangi Sub County), Wakiso District)

Our Vision: A comprehensive, valued and self-sufficient community in Uganda, Enthusiastically contributing to community's/citizens' well-being and encourage potential to utilize available resources.

組織願景 協會致力於提升社區和居民福祉,我們利用在地可用的資源來邀發居民的潛能 ,我們期待在烏干達建立多元、自信發展,自給自足的社區。

Our Mission: To address social-economic challenges that are facing communities where we operate.



  • 提供孤兒和弱勢兒童教育機會。
  • 提供職業技能或創業訓練給輟學者、未成年懷孕者、喪夫者。
  • 宣導性別與生殖健康相關知識。
  • 倡導愛滋病和其他性傳染疾病議題。
  • 透過研讀聖經或基督題材電影認識信仰。

What we do? See Our Programs

IGA & Family Empowerment Program

IGA & Family Empowerment Program

The program targets families, to help them generate/boost their incomes and create income for the organisation to support the various activities. As a result, there is sustainability for the organization and the target beneficiaries.

Business Start-Up Micro-finance Funds (BSMF)

Business Start-Up Micro-finance Funds (BSMF)

MADUFAFA has successfully developed sustainable livelihoods program which provides income generating activities for families affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. We emphasize holistic approach in addressing family socio-economic challenges.

Aitenga Women Self-Empowerment Program

Aitenga Women Self-Empowerment Program



Kinaawa is located in Kyengera Town council, Wakiso district just next to the boarder line of Kampala, the Capital city of Uganda in East Africa.

Despite of its closeness to Uganda’s capital, Kinaawa is a village that is engulfed by immense social and economic problems.

The village is characterized by high rates of school dropouts, HIV/AIDS, unemployment and rampant poverty among other problems.


Aitenga is a project of MADUFAFA which is located in Kinaawa village outside of Kampala. We did a survey on vulnerable families and these were our findings;


  1. Among the vulnerable families we visited, each family had five children on average and 30% of those families were solely supported and headed by a woman. 67% of those women were single mothers i.e. seven out of every ten women were single mothers.


  1. The women lacked working skills and one out of every four women had never had an opportunity to attend school in order to get the required working skills.


  1. The local women in these villages rely on casual work like doing laundry and digging which brings in little money, so they receive support and subsidies from other sources outside of their monthly income earnings. In Uganda Women earn far less income than the male counterparts. If a man earns One Hundred Thousand shillings (100,000 UGX), a woman will earn only three quarters of that salary which may range around Sixty-Seven thousand shillings.



  1. Saving techniques. The women in these villages hardly save any money. These families are unable to meet their basic needs and therefore it is difficult for them to save, since the little money earned from casual work is what they use to provide for themselves. Every time a family experiences a crisis in cases where a child falls sick, their monthly wages are not enough to cover the hospital expenses.



  1. Starting a business. Among the families we visited in the villages, we found out that most of them have business plans and dreams so as to improve the economic status of their families. However, without proper business trainings, saving techniques, and capital, it’s hard to realize their dreams and aspirations.


How the Aitenga women self-empowerment project has benefited the women in the villages in Kinaawa.


  • Development of working skills; Women have acquired better working skills that involve hand making, tailoring and sewing. They have been able to make products such as bags, jewellery and earrings which they sell and earn some extra money.


  • Women have also been trained to develop better saving techniques and to be business oriented and financially independent. The Aitenga project has encouraged these single mothers to save at least 1000shs from every payment they receive for the products they make. This has proved to be a great saving scheme since they will have extra money to look after their families.


  • Through caring and counselling; Aitenga project has impacted these women’s lives as they have learned to share experiences, supporting and encouraging one another. This helps to build self-esteem and creates an environment where they feel loved and accepted. Through the Aitenga project the single mothers have been counselled about life and how to look after their families.


4)  Business Oriented and financially independent. The Project has equipped the women to be more business focused. Our aim is to train the local women to start-up their own businesses that can bring in money which will enable them to meet their basic needs. Furthermore, it helps them not to be dependent on the men for their families’ needs since they will be able to meet some of the family expenses.


5)    Reaching out through the gospel. One of the activities of the Aitenga Project is to reach out to these mothers with Christ like love. Sharing the good news of the gospel has encouraged them to have hope for a better future not dwelling on their past but moving forward and focusing on bringing change in their lives and communities.




The Aitenga activities from 2015 to date include;



In May 2015, we signed a contract with a few local women to teach them how to make products such as earrings and bags and also introduced a savings programme to show them better ways of saving money.


In June 2015, we started marketing these products in Taichung so as to sell the earrings and bags made by the local women to get money that will benefit the project.


In April 2016, we started teaching tailors the basic skills of using a sewing machine.


In September 2016, we discussed with local women with little capital about business tenure.


In October 2016, the local women started a business project of poultry and piggery.


In February 2017; the workshop officially started.









HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing Services (HCT).

HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing Services (HCT).

The number of people infected with the HI-Virus in has been growing for many years with Wakiso District in particular showing an increasing rate far above the national avearge. The actual rate is hard to estimate and probably way higher than the official numbers suggest and HIV/AIDS appears to be one of the major challenges in the community in and around Kinaawa. It is  one of the main factors of poverty and institutions providing services to fight the epidemic are scarce and mostly expensive. Despite the big damage caused, awareness about the disease and possible prevention methods are low. Many people have never tested and their status remains un-known. Condoms are hardly accessible and medical facilities which provide free medication and treatment are far. All these results in a further spread of HIV/AIDS especially among young people.

 MADUFAFA has worked closely with partner organizations to organize medical camps to bring services to these needy communities. These quarterly medical camps involve free medical health services like; HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), Family planning, Dental services, Immunization, blood donation, and free condom distribution to sexually active population.

The project targets everyone in the community with a focus on young people between the age of 15 and 35. Follow up programs targets those who tested positive for HIV/AIDS or are closely related to someone who did and MADUFAFA currently offers free HIV medication in partnership with TASO Mulago - the leading HIV/AIDS support organization in Uganda.  


Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

This program targets critically vulnerable children who dropped out of school and those in school going age but never attended school due to lack of school fees and other social economic challenges.

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