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General Questions

MADUFAFA is a recognized fund raising non-government organization that is working especially for the welfare of Ugandan children.

Our expenses are very little and include travelling, managing resources, collecting donation, monitoring activity and advertising. For our office management such as information system, furniture and other requirement, we get support from our partner at free or discounted rate.

We have partnered with major organizations & institutions as well as individuals that provide us all the resources at a discount.

MADUFAFA is a non-government organization. We do not get any fund directly from the government, except exemption on various taxes. This minimizes our expenses and other costs.

We use donors' fund in all the resources and our programs to carry out the children's holistic development and other welfare. Hence, there is no use of sharing names of children. To know about how we use your fund, you can become our partner and explore how our team works.

There are thousands of people, who make contribution in our projects. Therefore, it is not easy for us to prepare report regarding particular individual that comprises where his money is used. But you can see the financial report on our website.

General Questions

Our team comprises the experts of different backgrounds, including economist, marketing strategist, health care business, journalist, financial management and others. They first scrutinize every aspect of the project and after finding it suitable, they start working on it.

Every full-time employee gets salary here. Our team believes that this is the best way to bring the talented professional here. Here, all the employees are paid modest salary as compared to other organizations.

Although the problem is huge, everyone's little contribution will add up to become huge amount that can be invested to carry out the project and campaign in support of children welfare smoothly.

We work with different communities and other NGOs to make children aware of their basic rights and help them access education and imperative healthy care needs.

You can transfer your fund to us either by becoming partner with us or just go to our home page; there you will see different "Donate Now" options for our different programs. Just choose one and make a donation.

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