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Lack of access to formal education is a major challenge for us who grow up in developing countries. Despite the fact that many schools have been established, most families can not afford taking their children to private or public schools due to various reasons ranging from poverty, HIV/AIDS, un-employment, death of parents etc. Among other programs run by MADUFAFA, the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) is aimed at supporting children from poor families to access formal education. The primary target of CSP are school dropouts, children in school going age but never been to school and children from poverty stricken families assessed and verified to be in need of help. With financial support from Germans, Taiwanese and Australian sponsors, we have been able to reach a total of 41 children supported through provision of school fees, scholistic materials, school uniforms and other relevant neccessities. We are still commited to support and reach more children in need. Special thanks to our dear sponsors for all your support.