Herman 15, to join Secondary

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Herman is 15 years old, he lost his father at a tender age. His mother abandoned him when he was 7 years and of recent we found out that Herman's mother was married to another man, she deals in khat selling in Kasenge to earn a living.

Herman and his siblings are under care of their 62 years old grandmother who weaves baskets to raise small income to look after her grand children. Situation worsened when her legs got paralysed due to diabates and she could not afford to care her grand children any more, Herman droped out and he had no hopes to make his MECHANICAL ENGINEERING dream come true. He started looking for petty jobs to support the family.

A community volunteer came to MADUFAFA seeking for education support of this boy at risk. MADUFAFA social workers assessed the family and Herman was put under Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) with financial support from a Taiwanese sponsor. In 2019, he sat for Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and results came back with 22 aggregates which is SECOND GRADE. The Taiwanese sponsor is willing to continue supporting him in secondary so that he can achieve his dreams.