Jordan - The best performer 2019 at MADUFAFA

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Jordan is 12 years old, him and his siblings used to go to school next to their home. The situation at home seemed to be moderately fine until his father who was a boda boda rider (motorcyclist) got a fatal accident and broke his legs and the motorcycle was left in pieces.This means that the only source of family income took a down turn since the mother was just a house wife.

The family could not afford paying school fees for six children any more and they all droped out including Jordan. the family could not afford three meals a day and worst scenario they were chased out of the house due to failure to raise money for rent since the father was not working any more. This forced them to go and stay in a village which is around 130 km from the capital Kampala. 

The headmistress of Jordan's school was concerned about his education because he is a bright boy and informed MADUFAFA about the family situation, she offered to accommodate him if MADUFAFA can pay school fees for day section and buy him scholastic materials. Social workers assessed the family and Jordan was put under Child sponsorship program (MADUFAFA CSP)

Despite the fact that he grew up in this family situation, Jordan sat Primary Leaving Examinations last year 2019 and he got 11 aggregates which is DIVISION ONE. He will therefore join secondary level this year 2020. He is a well disciplined boy, academically excellent and determined to achieve his dreams.