I am a happy mother today - my kids go to school everyday & my daugher is on treatment

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Maama Paul is a single mother of four children, in 2016 we visited her family to assess the situation. All the four children were out of school and one of them (a girl) was suffering from mental problem and epilepsy. Social workers developed a care plan and took up two kids on child sponsorship program (CSP) and a girl with health problem was put under urgent medical help (UMH) program. 

Currently, the two kids - Paul and Grace are doing well at school and their sister - Janet goes to the hospital at the end of every month for medication. According the social workers report, there is a significant impact as she can now help the mother to do some house work, no longer violent and can speak some words which was not the case before. The mother is so happy about her improvement because at first, she related her daughter's sickness to wichcraft. 

Maama Paul, continues to do petty jobs to earn a living. The situation at home seems to be moderately normal despite of some challenges. MADUFAFA works closely with families living in the same situation so as to improve on their standards of living.