Helping people with disabilities (PWDs)

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This program started in April 2017. Currently, the program is helping six children living with different forms of disabilities e.g. physical and mental disabilities and we hope to identify more needy children facing the same challenge. Some of these children were abandoned and their health and social problems un-attended by their parents/caretakers. Most of the caretakers never accepted the natural cause of their children's disabilities but they had strong beliefs that it is witchcraft, curse and/or misfortune. Under this program we have been able to work with other service providers like Mengo hospital, Mukisa foundation and Butabika hospital for mental disabilities among others to provide both medical support and therapy so as to bring hope to these forgotten children of which some are tied in their houses for security reasons. However, we still have gaps in providing education support to these children since special needs schools are expensive compared to normal schools.