MADUFAFA Education Program

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A notable number of children in and around Wakiso currently have no access to education, despite a broad availability of schools. Reasons are mostly financial but also include other family problems e.g. child neglect. Since the government run Universal Primary Education programme (UPE) has failed to solve the problem and many private owned schools are expensive, MADUFAFA therefore has intervened to guarantee the basic children's right of education. With children being prime beneficiaries of the program, the identification and selection of the children for the project is being made by MADUFAFA according to the availability of sponsors and after both home and child assessment has been conducted and information given has been verified. Factors like sex, tribe, herritage etc. do not influence the support since all children are equal. The project is limited to two children per family to ensure a fair chance for everyone. Every child enrolled in the program is entitled to full sponsorship including all fees, school requirements and other educationally relevant expenses being covered. In return of financial support, the sponsor is updated with termly progressive report, recent photos of child/ren and other relevant information provided through our continous follow-ups.