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As MADUFAFA we offer a range of free health services and the ultimate aim is to ensure our community is free of diseases that we can deal with. We push for the idea of prevention being better than cure and therefore this project was created. Under this project we partner with other organizations to be able to serve the community of Kinnaawa through the provision of free health services in the form of:

  1. Voluntary counselling and testing plus treatment provided by both Kiyita Family Alliance for Development(KIFAD) and The AIDs Support Organization(TASO)
  2. Free family planning services providing both short and long term methods provided by Kikajjo maternity home under Marie Stopes.
  3. Free dental services in the form of consultation and extraction provided by Smile dental clinic.
  4. Immunization of young kids, tetanus for expectant mothers as well as HPV vaccination(vaccine against cervical cancer) for P.4 girls provided by Kasenge Health Centre 11 at no cost.

Since we work in a very vulnerable community, we introduced a sub programme called Urgent Medical Help where we offer urgent medical assistance in case of an emergency which a parent cannot handle. Initially the programme was invented for only children but it was later made open because of the need in the community that kept on growing. 

Furthermore, MADUFAFA notices the high rate at which HIV/AIDS is spread especially among the young generation, as a way of responding to this scourge we started a Community Condom Distribution program. We have created condom posts/centres in around three parishes covering approximately 335,560 people. The team of MADUFAFA's social workers moves around the community sensitizing about HIV preventive measures and teaching sexually active youth on how to use condoms. Annually we distribute around 100,580 condoms to both male and female.